miercuri, 30 ianuarie 2008


Romania is a country in southeastern Europe. It is bordered by Ukraine and Moldavia in the northeast, Hungary in the west, Serbia and Bulgaria to the south along the Danube River. Arges county has a total area of 6, 862 km², and the relief can be split into 3 distinctive parts.Mioveni is one of the seventh towns of Arges county. It is known as the town of the Romanian car because the first Romanian car was manufactured here, taking the old name of the land: Dacia - Logan. Our school chose as its spiritual master a well-known Romanian writer Liviu Rebreanu , who spent the last years of his life at Valea Mare, a place near our town. Motto: “……..you could be successful in your job only if you were a modest person with brave ideas”.

We, the 5th C, we are 28 students ( 12 boys and 16 girls, aged 11-12 years).

At school we learn: Romanian literature, English, French, Maths, History, Geography, Biology, ICT, Tecnology, Drawing, Music, Phisyque Education...

Our Daily programme is from 12 to 17, Monday to Friday.

We are involved in many etwinning Projects coordinating by our Form Master (our Maths teacher) and by our English teacher.